Marmalading Time !

Its February which can only mean one thing….  Seville Oranges are here and its marmalade making time.

Geoff has often mentioned how he would like 52 jars of marmalade,as he eats it at a rate of one jar a week

I have never been able to achieve this in past years but after 2 marmalading days I now have made 42 jars of lovely home made marmalade 🙂

I made one batch in Cambridge on a gas hob and another batch here on my electric hob, it was amazing to see how much quicker boiling point was reached on a gas hob !

There is also another batch of oranges in the freezer,so I can make some orange and ginger marmalade at some point in the future, once I gather some cooking apples together.

So I might just get to that magical 52 Jars and have a few spare jars to give away too 🙂

The recipe I use for my marmalade can be found here…


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4 thoughts on “Marmalading Time !

  1. Bernard

    My word! You did well collecting 42 empty jars for all that lot.
    This reminded me of my Grandmothers kitchen in the late 1940’s. She was always making Marmalade, Lemon Curd and wonderful jams. My favourite was Rhubarb & Ginger.
    Going for 52 jars next year eh?
    This reminds me of a story about a fellow who goes into a Chemist and asks for 364 condoms. The chemist says “Don’t you mean 365?”
    The chap replies “What do you take me for?” “A sex maniac!”

    1. sally

      Jenny…so glad you made your marmalade and had success with the recipe…. I have tried a few and this is the one i always use now as i always get good results… 🙂

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