Time to Think

When your walking day after day it certainly gives you time to think 🙂

So while in Turkey I achieved quite a bit of thinking as we walked our 260 miles.

Two things became very clear to me…..

Firstly ,I had become totally obsessed about the food I eat and worried constantly about putting on weight, then I felt stressed and spent much of my time comfort eating

Secondly, I was feeling more and more guilty about not doing so much exercise which also stressed me out causing me to comfort eat.

Exercise used to fill a huge gap in my life, and kept me from going mad in hard and difficult times.

Now I have no Gaps in my life , in fact I wish there were more hours in a day !

When I took on extra massage work I tried to keep my exercise routine up but that just totally wore me out and left me feeling exhausted all of the time 🙁

So something had to change !

I now except that for the first time in my life I love my Home and don’t feel the need to be out amongst people all the time, I am content at home on my own, of course when I am with people I love, its quality time which I totally enjoy .

I also realize that I just do not have the time to do all the exercise that I used to do and I should not beat myself up about that either, I should just do what I enjoy when I can.

Its obvious that I don’t have time to run, go to the gym, go to yoga, swim and walk

So for now I shall eat what I want and exercise when I can, concentrating on running, walking and swimming…   if I have the courage I may even cancel my gym membership




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5 thoughts on “Time to Think

  1. sally

    and I enjoyed my run so much tonight… it made me finally decide to cancel my gym membership , who needs the gym when i can get out in the lovely fresh air to either run or walk 🙂

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