I can see again !

After months of struggling with my glasses, I finally went for an eye test last week.

I knew that my eyes had deteriorated but it was nothing more than expected, at my age 🙂

This time it was decided that varifocals would be better for me but after hearing peoples various comments about them I was unsure if I would like them.

I collected my new glasses today, my instruction had been to put them on, let my eyes get used to them, and try not to go back to my old ones.

The first few hours felt strange but I seem to be getting used to them and Its so nice to be able to see clearly again 🙂

As usual I stuck with a red/pinky pair and had matching sunglasses too… so I am ready for the sun in Turkey !

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3 thoughts on “I can see again !

  1. Lady Banana

    I had my eyes tested back in April and was advised varifocals but I’ve not yet taken the plunge!

    I don’t really think I need them badly enough (the reading part) yet, so I’m going to wait a bit till I REALLY need them!

  2. CherryPie

    It is always nice when you can see again properly 🙂

    My long distance vision was sorted out recently (with new lenses) but I do now struggle with one eye and reading in low light. The perils of becoming a certain age…

    So maybe bifocals for me too?

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