A Day out in London

Its not often we go to London but when ever we do its always a fun packed day.

First we met up with Geoff’s nephew and his wife for Lunch

We went to the most fantastic vegetarian restaurant,in Covent Garden called Food for Thought .

The food was fantastic and I just may have to get there recipe book.

Afterwards we spent some time perusing all the outdoor shops in Covent Garden including the Paramo shop.

Not every ones idea of fun but with a new adventure to look forward to soon, it was fun for us 🙂

Then we made our way over to the Globe Theatre where we had tickets to see Anne Boleyn

Before we went into the theatre, we had more lovely food at The Real Greek restaurant over looking the River Thames, where the food is for sharing 🙂

As for Anne Boleyn well it was fantastic, our first trip to the Globe and one I hope we do again.

All In all a fantastic day out in London but certainly not a slimming world day !

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