BT Broadband … What a joke !

Most of you that follow me on Twitter will know of the terrible problems that I have been having with BT.

I moved from a rural village into town never expecting that this would mean a very slow Internet speed.

When I moved in BT offered me a deal with Bt vision , knowing full well that this would never work…… I player wont even work 🙁

Finally this week they sent an engineer out and this is the E-mail I received today

I’m extremely sorry to hear that the engineer visit was un-successful. I have read the report
and it appears that
any increase in the performance of your broadband
connection would r
ender it  unstable. Along with this, the video on
demand aspect of vision will not work with a line running at this low
speed. On this I would like offer an apology on
behalf of BT as this
product should never have been sold to yo
Could I request that we book a convenient time for me to call and discuss this sensitive matter further.

I am totally devastated by this and amazed that BT can get away with offering a broadband service  🙁

I wonder what my MP would say if he knew that in this day and age its impossible to get a speed of 2mb ( mine is 1.26 ) on one of the biggest and fast growing housing Estates in Kings Lynn.


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10 thoughts on “BT Broadband … What a joke !

  1. Mark

    The BT wiring in Kings Lynn is from the dark ages and has god knows how many patches. I live in Lynn but why they bothered making it a adsl2+ exchange is anyones guess, the majority of people live miles from the exchange meaning most of us are on minimum speeds.

    I used to get 3Mb/s 2-3 years ago but now I’m down to 1.8Mb/s if it’s not raining and down to 0.8Mb/s with a downpour.

    Weirdly I know someone who lives miles out of town who gets better broadband speeds than I do 🙁

    It will never improve unless BT replace all the wiring, which they’ll never do as fibre optic is on the way. Which we’ll see just as it becomes obsolete.

    1. Geoff

      Hi Mark I suggest you also write to Bellingham MP like Sally did, it can be surprisingly effective, even with only a few complaints. Thanks for the link to samknows

  2. CherryPie

    Another option to look into is one of those mobile broadband dongles. When I used one it was much faster than my home connection.

  3. Lady Banana

    Would using another isp be any better? We had Sky for a while and it was very slow, now using BE and it’s brilliant! worth having a look?

    It is a bit more expensive than some but well worth it..

  4. steve

    The government is aiming to get 2mbps bb to everyone …that’s the dream, taking Rutland Telecom as a case study all they need to do is run 1 optical fibre from the exchange to the junction box, it’s not quite rocket science!

  5. Anne

    At least they owned up and said “this product should never of been sold to you” .. Some people have BT broadband and have no problem whatsoever ,, .. doesn’t it depend on where the nearest supply box (or whatever it is called) is situated ie how far away .. I do hope you get it sorted soon.

    1. sally

      it wont ever be sorted 🙁 …. the green box is not far from me its 4mb speed there and drops to 1mb by the time it reaches my house .. my point is that EVERYONE should be able to have a decent broadband connection

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