The collapsible Vase

Our Saturday did not turn out as expected, luckily it fell apart before we made a 75 mile drive.

It could also have been much worse as I had really wanted to take part in this event but thankfully I had decided I could not afford too.

So instead we went to the Cambridge Town and Country fair

There was many interesting stalls but one really took my eye, it was selling The handy re-usable collapsible PVC vase.

You simple fill it with hot water to shape -empty-then fill with cold water and arrange your flowers.

Simple reverse the process to store away flat

If you would like more information please contact Lynn Cousins 01684 293859

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5 thoughts on “The collapsible Vase

  1. brian not tescos

    Interesting day saturday with not much happening šŸ™
    hope catch up you both again

  2. Geoff

    Yep interesting stall were the lady refused to advertise on the internet for fear of someone nicking her designs šŸ™ but then she charged the same for a plain vase as one of her ‘exclusive’ patterns! although one looked very Cath Kidson like to me šŸ™‚

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