Washed out in Maderia

Well today we were beaten by the rain and decided not to go out walking.

It was a good decision as it just poured and poured for most of the day 🙁

We spent the morning going round the Fish and Fruit market, funnily enough I loved seeing all the fish.

The flowers here in Madeira are something else too, I especially love the bird of Paradise flowers.

We also visited the Embroidery factory where I treated myself to the perfect souvenir, a hand embroidered Sunflower 🙂

We had a quick look round the Famous Madeira wine factory, Blandys ,but decided not to pay the entrance money.

We did find the Bottles of Madeira though that were made in my Birth year 1961 🙂

So now you know that this year is a big year for me and a big walk is being planned for October BUT we are having trouble deciding where to go …. any suggestions ????

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