At last I have finished reading my book Stolen by Lesley Pearse.

I really enjoyed it but do wish it didn’t take me so long to read a book, I started this one in August 🙁

I just find it hard to sit still for longer than half an hour.

Anyway a friend has sent me another book to read, One day by David
Nicholls, so this is packed in my bag and coming to Les Gets with me tomorrow.

I just hope my friend realizes it could be 6 months before she gets her book back 🙂

Although the snow is very poor at the moment so maybe there will be tons of time for reading 🙁

Watch out for the photo’s 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Finally

  1. LadyBanana

    I’m like that with reading, short attention span! Don’t watch many films for same

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