A practical Gift

I now have a real Home Electricity Monitor.

This will allow me to track and graph my electricity use wherever I
can access the internet – even on my mobile phone using the Google
Power Meter App!

Not sure if this is a good thing as I may just end up worrying more about how much my bills are.

I may never boil the kettle or have my heating on again let alone take a shower 🙁

Although it will be very interesting and I will be able to keep my eye on those boys at the weekend too

Now I just need Geoff to come and set it all up for me 🙂

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8 thoughts on “A practical Gift

  1. Anne

    Sally I no nothing about Google Power Meter .. .. but I am not that concerned when I am away , as no-one else at home normally .. …

    Steve .. funnily enough I do look at the meter , when my hubby is home .. definitely changes .. .. but as he is away around about 150 days of the year .. or maybe more .. I save there ..

  2. Steve

    Now you can save loads of electricity by switching off the tv and watching the meter instead… like someone else I know! 😉

  3. Anne

    I have one too…. got it from my Electricity company. Unless it is a super duper one, and is so different to mine, you can set it up on your own. Yours most probably is different , but ours was very easy to set up.

    And Sally you will get a shock when you put the Kettle on .. it is one of the Surge electrical items also the Microwave.

  4. liz

    Husband bought one of those a few weeks ago. Now it’s ‘What are you doing?!! Why are we using so much electricity?!!’ all the time …

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