Ticking over

During the winter months when it’s hard to get out for a run I tend to use the gym more.

I usually use the cross trainer but have been drawn to the running machine these past few visits .

I find it’s much harder to run on a machine than outside in the lovely countryside.

But I am beginning to enjoy it and see it as a challenge.

Tonight was the hardest run yet with lots of hills thrown in and once I go up a level I never go back down 🙂

If I keep it up, by spring I could be whizzing round my usual running routes.

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Location:King’s Lynn,United Kingdom

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One thought on “Ticking over

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    I am quaking now!! You’ll come over to run my hill and leave me miles behind!

    I have taken the opposite approach and enjoyed the rest whilst I could not run because of the ice. But I will be glad to get out again next week. I haven’t run for 2 whole weeks!

    I have never been on a running machine. I should probably try it sometime. But for me, at least half of the benefit of running, is being out in the fresh air.

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