Gadget failure

Even though I have treated my Iphone with love

Kissing, stroking and cuddling it every day 🙂

its repaid me by breaking 🙁

which has left me heartbroken !

I had a taste of luxury for a few months now its back to the Android, when I can get my hands on it !

To make matters even worse my tracker pad on my macbook has stopped working too 🙁

I think a trip to the apple store is needed at the weekend

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3 thoughts on “Gadget failure

  1. Steve

    Sounds like you were over-protective of your Iphone, wrapping it in cotton wool… you have to let it live for itself and make it’s own mistakes! I’d call it a lucky escape personally but I know how found of it you were, you just need the right android phone, and maybe to contact Samsung support, they really are quite good I found.

  2. Lady Banana

    I will be heartbroken when my iPhone gives up.. Just hope I can upgrade before that time!

    I’m guessing “Words” is not available on android, I was wondering where you had gone 🙁

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