High Tower Walk

Today we joined the Beijing hikers for a walk.

Due to the very heavy rain only 7 out of the expected 19 turned up for this walk.

The walking route also had to be changed due to the very heavy rain.

Sure you get the message ….. It was raining very heavy.

But what else would we do on such a foul day 🙂

It was a 2 hour drive to the starting point.

Then it was a long climb up to what they said was the highest point of the wall called The High Tower at a height of 1440 m

Where we took some misty photos and had a quick lunch before starting the long slippery decent.

A total of 9 miles in 5 hours.

By the time we reached the bottom the sun was out and we were beginning to dry out.

So we enjoyed our beer and nibbles in the sunshine.

Then this evening we tried our first chinese massage .

Geoff was brave and had the calf massage but I heard the cries of pain 🙂

I had the back massage and also cried in pain

At one point he straddled me and i thought he was going to break my back as it cracked under the pressure.

But funnily enough it also felt good.

Luckily we escaped the cupping but part of me would have liked to have experienced it

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4 thoughts on “High Tower Walk

  1. your dad

    GREAT to hear about your walk shame about the weather …still it will stop raining ..HONEST…would liked to heard geoffs cry of pain ,must have been good..KEEP TREKING …

  2. anne

    What a trek!!! I like massages, but not with pain , and the cupping can result in you being covered in red ring marks .. .. Shame for your walk though 🙁 take care x

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