Packing Light

Time to think about packing for china.

As we plan to travel light it wont take long.

Clothes wise it will be walking trousers, skirt, a few T-shirts and some sandles.

Jogging bottoms, 2 pairs of undies , 2 bras and walking socks.

A warm top and Rain jacket.

Wash kit is just a bar of soap , tooth paste , tooth brush and a quick drying towel.

Then there will be my camera, GPS, i phone and chargers.

Plus a few other bits and bobs.

All packed into my Osprey Kestrel 48 ruc-sac

Wonder if you can guess whats in the small package on the photo….

Its a great bit of kit , I got Geoff one for his birthday and hes used it everyday 🙂

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