Recently I have had work done in my Kitchen and Bathroom 🙂

All that is left to do is the painting

Trying to decide on a colour is a nightmare and something I am not used too.

All my married life it was magnolia or magnolia 🙂

Geoff insists I should just paint everywhere white but I find that so cold looking.

So far these are the choices for the kitchen, soft peach, wellbeing, and Lemon tropics.

Lemon tropics is the favourite 🙂

The choices for the bathroom are perfectly taupe, soft peach and soft truffle.

Soft truffle is the favourite, even though it would be dark , it means it would be warm.

What are your favourite colours ???

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3 thoughts on “colour

  1. Sally

    Totally agree with you about the dark and dingy ! Will be back onto the case once home . Kitchen wise we are torn between yellow and green but it’s finding the right shade of green . The green we have now we love but cannot remember colour name and a change might be good 🙂

  2. pandammonium

    The bathrooms choices, except for the peach, which I dislike for bathrooms, appear grey in the photo. You might want to think about why there is such a difference in (perceived) colour between the two photos.

    I think bathrooms should be light and bright, not dark (and, dare I say?) dingy.

    The yellow is nice for the litchen, though: it’s warm, sunny and cheerful.

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