Finally after 5 years we have accepted that this is home and we wont be moving house.

This is not where we wanted to live but when your in the position I was in you have no choice in these matters.

Ideally I would still love to live in Downham Market but for the boys this would be a disaster.

Most of the time I feel happy when I am at home even when home alone, finally I can relax and read a book or do my knitting.

I persuaded my housing association to do a few small jobs in my house which make a huge difference.

I also managed to get permission to knock down a non supporting wall that divides my kitchen/dinning room.

Of course I realize that getting to spend my weekends in Cambridge helps me like my own home more  šŸ™‚

Andrew being able to drive now, also makes life easier for the boys too šŸ™‚

What happens when we can no longer afford petrol I do not know BUT we shall cross that bridge when the day arrives !


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5 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Steve

    bio-diesel… sunflower oil and methanol I believe is the most common non-petrochemical fuel for cars and already compatible with diesels… so better start bulk buying!

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