One Reason why I love cambridge

Apart From the fact That Geoff is here 🙂

Today I realized that I had a few spices missing

Spices  needed for my Roasted Monkfish Chermoula.

Luckily I was in Cambridge and just a 10 min cycle ride away from the market.

Now if I had been at home it would have been a 10 mile car ride 🙁

I left the Saffron out my recipe as I had no idea that it was so expensive, the lady on the market told me it was more expensive than gold

If only I had bought some back from Morocco with me !

Anyway the Monkfish is now marinading in all the lovely spices 🙂

The rest of the day has been spent reading up on how to do short heel rows I think it has sunk in and I know what has to be done 🙂

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