Race for Life 2010

A huge huge Thank you to all the lovely kind generous people that sponsored me.

Some who I know and a few who I don’t 🙂 but because of you all

I managed to Raise just over £200 🙂

It was an amazing event with over 8000 women and girls of all ages taking part.

Some ran,some jogged and some walked but we all did it together to raise money for cancer research.

It was a new route this year that started from Parkers piece and took us through the town centre along Kings College through the backs then up the river to Jesus Green.

A fantastic route and one which I hope they keep 🙂

I had set myself a challenge which I thought I was not going to be able to achieve but its amazing what you can do when you try 🙂

I pushed myself hard, right out my comfort zone and ran it in 28.08 🙂

An amazing day and it was so good to have Geoff there, who had delayed his flight to France so he could stay and take some photos.

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4 thoughts on “Race for Life 2010

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    Absolutely fantastic achievement. Still cannot believe you ran that fast on such a hot day in crowds of people.

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