A hot walk

As Sunday promised to be the hottest day this year so far , it was a great day to try out my new kit.

We did a 15 mile  circular walk from Standon with the Cambridge Rambling club.

As always it was a lovely walk and we did a small detour into Braughing , so we could sample the delights at the village hall.

My new trail shoes were comfortable and kept my feet much cooler 🙂

My new bag was excellent and the airflow system worked brilliant keeping my back dry, usually on such a hot day the back of my T-shirt would be dripping with sweat !

I also took a Clarityn tablet just in case but today there was no sign of any heat or allergy rash 🙂

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3 thoughts on “A hot walk

  1. Martin

    One of those wonderful rare days where a walk should be planned to end at a swimming pool or suitable river!

    Glad to know that rash didn’t come back. Were the bands of rash around your ankles above your socks or inside the top of your socks? Another thought – have you changed your washing detergent or fabric softener?

    I had a similar problem a few years ago walking through grass on a walk for a few miles wearing shorts, I gradually came up in huge lumps on my exposed legs and started to feel unwell – cue quick divert back to the car straight to the pharmacy for antihistamies and Hc45 cream. Now I only walk in long trousers except for walks where it’s all on trails without long grass / bracken etc.

  2. Augusta Hanbury-Blythe

    Nice of you to share. Good you enjoyed your walk. Go easy on the Clarityn though. My third husband (good bless him!) too one tab to many and he, as indeed all who knew him, lived to regret it.

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