Many many years ago in another life.

I went to Spinning classes twice a week.

Then life moves on and things change.

Recently I was treated to a membership to Greens health and fitness club 

I noticed they do spinning classes and have just been waiting for the chance to try one out.

That opportunity came today.

The bikes have improved and it was done in the dark with disco lights.

The music was great and it was as fast and fun as I remembered.

The good news is they do a class on a Saturday morning too 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. MoonJAYNE

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  2. onethoughtfulwoman

    I thought you had actually gone to a spinning class and was going to say I would like to try a bit of weaving:-) Glad you had fun.

  3. Lady Banana

    Don’t get why it’s called Spinning – in the past I used to think it was something that would make me very dizzy and sick, but then I found out bikes were involved!

    Reminds me, must pump my tyres and get back out there!

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