Todays walk on google earth

Google Earth streams the world over wired and wireless networks enabling users to virtually go anywhere on the planet and see places in photographic detail.  This is not like any map you have ever seen.  This is a 3D model of the real world, based on real satellite images combined with maps, guides to restaurants, hotels, entertainment, businesses and more.  You can zoom from space to street level instantly and then pan or jump from place to place, city to city, even country to country.
Get Google Earth.  Put the world in perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Todays walk on google earth

  1. Monty

    The first time is discovered Google Earth I lost at least three days of my life! It was almost as infectious as typing “70’s & 80’s UK TV commercial” in to YouTube… I’d grown a full beard by the time I’d logged off.

    When I was about 14, my best friends Dad was the parish vicar in Norfolk… I spent two weeks at his remote vicarage with my pal Phil and had a great time. I could never quite remember where it was (south east of Norwich somewhere)… last week I was playing around on Google Earth and saw a small place called Hales, I thought “that rings a bell” so I zoomed in and just up the road was the vicarage I had such a great time at over 25 years ago. Almost brought a tear to my eye 🙂

  2. Devonshire Dumpling

    I recently spent hours on Google earth looking at the street views of where I have lived. Kept me quiet for quite some time which is a feat to have achieved. Great little program though isn’t it?

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