New experience ..

Over the weekend Geoff and I went looking at houses, no not for us but for him πŸ™‚

It was a totally new experience for me.

I have always had no choice about where I live or about the actual house, never even seeing the house till I arrive with the furniture van closely behind πŸ™

Out of the 5 we looked at there was 2 we liked, one was more my style of house and the other was more Geoff’s style.

We looked at 2 amazing flats, I never actually believed people lived in these kind of flats, they had a very sterile feeling though and I felt they could never truly be a home , they felt more like hotel rooms:-(

The problem is trying to decide what to do.

The house which is more my style offers Geoff everything he needs for now and is so much cheaper.

The house that is Geoff’s style is beautiful ,although it could be a cold house and have car parking problems, it could be better longer term.

Will be interesting to see what happens over the coming weeks.

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12 thoughts on “New experience ..

  1. Caroline

    Sounds fun and exciting. I am always amazed at the way people cleverly extend their houses. It can sometime be like walking into a Tardis – as people in Cambridge tend to extend upwards as well as outwards. I will watch this space.

  2. sally

    Yes James ..parking was one of the deciding factors, offers have been made deals are being done . Its all very exciting πŸ™‚

  3. CherryPie

    Well if parking is an issue I would say that wasn’t the right house and you need to go and check a few more out πŸ˜‰

  4. Reluctant Blogger

    I rather like looking at houses for a few weeks and then I tire of it. When I moved here I didn’t see the house either. I just bought it. I did see it from the outside but the owners were away and so I couldn’t go in and since I lived six hours’ drive away it was too much bother to come back and look in it so I just bought it. I liked the location (within easy walking distance of the city and close to woods and parks) and had little interest in the interior as I thought I could change that anyway. Of course I have been too lazy to change it at all. But it was a low stress way to buy a house!

    But looking round IS fun.

    No idea re your decision though. I always think you just KNOW when you see the house that is right. If you are dithering then probably neither is right.

  5. anne

    That is the trouble I/we had when we had to buy when coming out of the Forces, not only what house, but where?? What town , what part of the world.

    As the house is for Geoff, He should go for his style house, and if it is in the middle of Cambridge, he doesn’t need a car, but you need a place to park. Your style offers what he needs for now, but what about the future…He needs a big house, he has family.

    I am sure that Geoff will find the house that is right for him πŸ™‚

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