Geoff on my Picasa

After Geoff did his post yesterday I decided to play with my Picasa today.
So here is Geoff on My Picasa 🙂

and here is Sally in Norfolk on Picasa too.

Don’t you just love photo’s 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Geoff on my Picasa

  1. sally

    Gledwood… Picasa is a photo storing and sharing programme 🙂

    Geoff , yes i did notice all the hats on your pics too 🙂 and all the smiles on mine 🙂

    Reluctant Blogger, you know i don’t think i would even notice if people holding placards with my face on them, came towards me in the street

  2. Reluctant Blogger

    Oooh those are rather scary. Imagine if people holding placards with your face on them, came towards you in the street – I bet you’d run off screaming!! I would.

    but it is a clever trick. My sons do stuff with photos (not generally very flattering things!) but I have never tried.

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