A great combination…

Last week I started both my French class and my Yoga class.

There are about 15 people in my French class, a nice mixture of male and female.
What surprised me was the few foreign people in the class.
Not sure how much I will actually learn but one thing I do know is that the class is going to be fun.
I also learnt that maybe I should have taken an English class first 🙂
After one week I now know the alphabet in French and can count to ten.

There was also about 15 in the yoga class which much to my surprise worked me well.
As I do all aerobic exercise I thought yoga would be good to help me stretch and keep me supple.
What I did not expect was aching tummy muscles the following day.

I soon realized that they are a great combination, one will work my brain while the other will work my muscles.

Looking forward to more classes already 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A great combination…

  1. Ellee

    Sally, good luck, and both great choices. I have started French many times, but always run out of time, and never had the same incentice to learn the language as you have. I enjoy yoga at my gym too, but I am not very supple.

  2. Reluctant Blogger

    So glad you have found yoga too. I started doing it when I returned from Australia and did not expect to enjoy it or stick with it. But I have. I love it. It is so good – for both body and soul. Not that I go to a class – I am not a class type of person.

    Bonne chance avec le francais. My French is very rusty indeed. It’ll be good that you go out to Les Gets and get the opportunity to listen to it being spoken and to practise a bit.

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