Toatally incompetent !!

Would you take your car to a garage for a service and expect advisory notes on jobs to be done ??
Well if so do not take your car to WRIGHTS MOTORS in Downham market.
6 weeks ago I took my sons car here for a full service and MOT, this week the cam belt broke causing approx £1000 of damage.
We phoned them today and asked when a cam belt should be changed they said at 75 thousand miles.
We then asked why we were not advised to change our cam belt when the registered mileage is 82 thousand miles.
They replied we did not ask for it to be changed.
When questioned more they went on to say it could have been changed at a previous time, yet they have serviced and done the MOT for the past 3 years.
When questioned even more they said we should have known it needed changing and asked for it to be done, we replied but your the car mechanic and as we know nothing about cars, we pay you a lot of money to service and advise us about what needs doing.

They have not heard the last of this…..   and in the meantime my poor son is getting up at 4am to bike the 12 miles to work .

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8 thoughts on “Toatally incompetent !!

  1. Michael Manning

    Their reputation will do them in unless they mend their ways. I agree with you. They should have advised you early on.

    My Best!

  2. sally

    I don’t really want anyone to say anything …… as it too upsetting 🙁

    I was just hoping this blog post might be found by people and put them off going to that garage

  3. Ellee

    Oh no, that’s dreadful. I’m so sorry for you and your son Sally!! I don’t know what to say. As your dad says, give them lots of stick!!

  4. your dad

    WORDS fail me at the moment ………..BUT what i would want to say to the garage i would not want to print here…….dont leave it alone …keep pestering them they dont deserve to get work .GIVE THEM SOME STICK…

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