Bonjour !!

To get myself out the house I have enrolled on a 10 week beginners French class at the college in Kings Lynn.
I had thought about doing the Reflexology Course, to complement my Swedish massage and Indian head massage.
To my amazement neither of these courses are on offer this year, so I am so pleased I did the Indian head massage course last year.
This left me wondering what to do, especially as I get so lonely during the week.
It was then suggested I did a French course, my first reaction was to laugh, I hated languages at school.
Then I thought about it and as I go to the French Alps with Geoff at least twice a year,I decided why not give it ago šŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Bonjour !!

  1. Lady Banana

    Great idea! I’d like to do this as well as I love the sound of French speaking (did it at school but never took it seriously) but I don’t think I’d find the time, way too tired in the evenings when I get in from work..

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