Looking for advice…

I have talked about changing my broadband supplier for years, mainly because other people think AOL are a bad company.
But I have had no problems with AOL since Jan 2009.
I now have the death certificate to get the account into my name, I just need to get round to writing that letter.
Lately I have been thinking about not actually changing from AOL as we dont really have any problems with the internet service they provide.
Why change something if it works.
Although I see sky do a good package with the tv included, which could actually save me some money.
Trouble is I cannot find anyone that has sky broadband so I am unsure if its a good supplier.
So the question is do any of my lovely readers use sky for broadband and if so what’s your opinion, better still do any of you have the tv and broadband deal.

If truth be known I am  scared about changing my internet supplier then having lots and lots of problems  🙁

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6 thoughts on “Looking for advice…

  1. Phidelm

    I’d second Fenlander and Cherie, Sally – if you’re happy where you are, why move? Neighbours of mine had Sky and it proved problematic. What you might consider doing is checking out ISPs on consumer sites to see if you could get a better deal that is just as reliable, I suppose … Good luck!

  2. fenlander

    Hi Sally,
    I personally have had bad experiences with Sky, for with their broadband and other things. I wont go into details as they are far too tedious. I have now been a TalkTalk (AOL) user for well over two years and, apart from minor outages, have experienced no problems whatsoever.
    If it ain’t broke…then don’t fix it.

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