8 thoughts on “Worth Waiting For……

  1. sally

    Anne …the gift i bought could go to a number of people so i will find it hard deciding who to give it too 🙂 maybe i should have got more of them 🙂

    Pandammonium… my pictures came out much better than i expected 🙂 but now i have seen yours i can see how much better yours are…they are brighter and so much sharper

  2. pandammonium

    It was a great afternoon, and your photos came out better than you would have me believe! There’s some really nice ones there.

    Mine are still on the camera, which is indeed a Nikon Coolpix. Actually, I’ve just been inspired to upload them onto the computer. Where they will go from there is anybody’s guess! I’ll let you know, though 🙂

  3. anne

    Sally so great that you actually got to go, great photos too!! You do have a perfectly good camera, no need for a new one!! Maybe you will get one in your “christmas box”

    Only a bargain if you know who to give it too!! You have mentioned that word christmas twice in a week, what is going on, it is August, and I have not had my holidays yet, and my normal hols are in November 🙂 LOL

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