Raspberry Gin

Yesterday I intended to make some Raspberry jam but decided the Raspberries were too expensive.
Although I still got enough Raspberries to get my first batch of Raspberry Gin started,so it will be ready for Christmas.
Then today someone at work gave me some plums and next week I should have some cooking apples too.
So my plan has changed and I shall now make plum and apple jam 🙂

For anyone wanting to know the recipe for raspberry gin here it is….

1lb of Raspberries.
12oz Granulated sugar
75c bottle of Gin or Vodka.

Place all ingredients in a jar and seal securely.
Leave in a dark place for 3 months shaking every day for the first month, then occasionally.
strain through muslin then bottle.
serve as a liqueur

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9 thoughts on “Raspberry Gin

  1. Jason Luck

    Store in the dark? What happens if you store it in a glass fronted cabinet?

    I’ve just completed my first ever batch of of Rasperry Vodka and it is suberb. Just committed the last of my homegrown gradeII raspberries from the freezer to a second batch.

    Any ideas on how few raspberries you can get away with in order to make as much vodka as possible?

  2. Borris

    I made some at the weekend, couldn’t wait to try it so poored it over some cat food and had the lot

    1. Bertie

      Has no one else picked up on the fact that this lunatic is eating cat food?

      I milked a goat yesterday.

  3. Andy

    I can echo the fact that raspberry gin is fantastic! Served neat with ice makes it the perfect summer drink (particularly apt as it compliments my sloe gin well as that’s an ideal winter drink).

    Next stop blackberry brandy…

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