A grand day out….

Yesterday I had a surprise day in London. We visited 2 places that I had never been before, Camden Market and the Tate modern art museum.
I loved the atmosphere at the market and really enjoyed having a look round.
Shame all the clothes are definitely for much younger people but as you can imagine Emily fell in love with most of the nice girlie dresses.
I did not leave the market empty handed though, as I found some candle sconce’s something I had been after for a long time.

After walking along Regents canal and up Bond street we made our way along the Thames river to the Tate Modern art galley.
The Tate was an extraordinary experience, its hard to imagine what goes on in someones mind when they create this so called art.
I’m  afraid to say that I like my paintings to look like paintings so did not appreciate the modern art as much as some would.

Next time we shall go and visit the Victoria and Albert Museum and make sure we arrange to meet up with Lady Banana too

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4 thoughts on “A grand day out….

  1. Lady Banana

    Ahh you visited Camden Market as well.. I live in the borough of Camden, a short bus ride from the market although I don’t go there too often..

    Indeed it would be fun to meet up if you come down again 🙂

  2. onethoughtfulwoman

    We love Camden Market as you know. You can understand why K loves it. The V and A is wonderful. The costume and paintings, all of it is great. Tate Modern is a wonderful building but like you find it difficult to appreciate what is termed art there. Glad you had a nice time.

  3. devonshire dumpling

    The Tate modern does nothing for me. V&A is good though. It sounds like you had a lovely day and I envy you as I so miss London as I’m just to far away for a day trip.

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