Just The Tonic…

Yesterday for many reasons was a bad day for me.helen 003

Boy trouble, customer trouble, Fish trouble all made worse as I was tired after staying up far too late waiting for Geoff  to call ( how i hate the 7 hour time difference )

All I needed was a cuddle but even I could not run to the Galapagos Islands πŸ™‚

Then in the evening I went round to see my friend @cloudgazer her aim was to cheer me up.

hoopla hoop


Well she certainly managed thatÒ€¦  she has a new hoopla hoop, after a few lessons I was away ..  its far easier doing it for real than on the wii-fit, and far more effective too.

Laughter really is the best medicine πŸ™‚

I now have a hoopla hoop on order too.

More Photos can be seen hereÒ€¦

My run of bad luck did not end there..  Geoff called me on skype and we had a lovely chat , its great to hear all about his adventures, its as good as reading a book πŸ™‚

Then his call crashed my laptop and un-till now I have been unable to load the settings, it kept saying I had a corrupt file .

As you can imagine I was frantic but when I awoke this morning I had email from Geoff (thank god for phones ) he suggested I did a systems restore and now after an hour of fiddling I have my settings back and can get into my laptop.

After having such a bad day its amazing how much you appreciate things more πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Just The Tonic…

  1. sally

    yes the hoopla was very good fun and will be great for my waist….

    I was frantic thinking i would be with out internet… and its the first time ever that i have used system restore

  2. jmb

    Yes the old system restore is quite useful at times. The trouble is I don’t think to use it until I am tearing my hair out in chunks.

  3. Geoff

    Great camera shot of you πŸ™‚ You sure will be fit four little walk in few weeks time, VERY pleased that system restore worked too πŸ™‚

  4. CherryPie

    That does look like a lot of fun πŸ™‚

    I am so glad you got your lap-top fixed. I know how it feels to be without a PC.

  5. anne

    Wow that looks like fun… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I am useless on it…so no point in ordering one πŸ™ also no one to have a laugh with here…!

  6. onethoughtfulwoman

    I thoroughly enjoyed the evening too. Now relucs might like to try the hoop too. Laughter and frienship makes the world go ground. We are all here for to shorter time to allow things to make us glum for long. Seize the moment as we did and enjoy.
    Glad you had a nice evening and you were a whizz on the hoop. I am still practicising.

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