No Easter chocolate for me…

But wonderful beautiful new shoes…

isham 006

from the Ecco lite collection. supremely soft and liteweight leather uppers ,combined with ecco’s unique direct injected single piece polyurethane outsole, give a slipper like feel and a glove like fit. 🙂

They are wonderful Thanks a million Geoff  x

Also a beautiful hand made Easter Card from Helena over at Creating a Likeness

isham 009

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12 thoughts on “No Easter chocolate for me…

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  3. Reluctant Blogger

    They look good. I may well order some (in black of course!!!) when I get home. We just have to persuade Helen (or ATM) to get the white ones and we’ll look very synchronised when we meet up for our picnic.

    Thanks for that!

  4. Reluctant Blogger

    I always used to buy the black ecco t-bar shoes. I had forgotten. Not sure why I stopped. Must try them again. I always loved them as they were so comfortable.

    I tried to listen to you on the iplayer but my connection just isn’t good enough. Such a shame. I got quite crabby with it.

    I need to get some sandals for the summer. I haven’t had a really nice pair of sandals for a couple of years. Where do you get sandals? I used to buy mine in Clarks but the last pair I bought were rubbish. I never found a pair I liked last year at all – have two pairs of gladiator sandals neither of which I wear much. Just stuck to my Havaianas and they are no good for my feet really.

  5. sally

    I usually buy shoes from clarks… but nothing compares to the comfort of these shoes…… a real treat 🙂

    My walking boots are also ecco and the most comfy ones i have ever had 🙂

  6. Lady Banana

    I didn’t get chocolate or shoes 🙁 lol

    Nice shoes though, I’m always on the look out for that soft style and usually find them in Clarks or get Hush Puppies..

    Might have a look in the Ecco store but I wonder if they are very pricey!

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