Lemon cous cous cake

Now here is a strange cake and is an acquired taste but when you just need something to go with a cup of tea….. this does the job and is sin free on a green slimming world day.

6 oz cous couscup 005

juice from 2 lemons

canderal to taste

3 eggs.

Place cous cous in a bowl with lemon juice.

cover with boiling water and allow to soak for a few minutes.

separate the eggs and stir in the yolks.

whisk the whites and fold into mixture.

pour into loaf or cake tin and bake for aprox 30 min’s at 180c.

One for the girls to try at work today 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Lemon cous cous cake

  1. judith sammons

    BE CAREFUL – cous cous once baked is classed as a flour substitue and counts as Sins! In the directory it states if it is used as a flour substitute. which this is. then count the sins, our SW group had a big debate on this and i ended up contacting SW head office! They confirmed the cous cous would be counted if cooked in this way. (ie: baked after it has been made up with the boiling water). However, it is still a nice heavy “cake” to get those sweet pangs away but each sqaure (10 from a cake) would be about 3.5 sins! each! Sorry!! 🙂

  2. Louisa

    Sorry ive only started sw and heard about the lemon couscous cake, does anyone know how many syn’s it is on an extra easy day!? Thanks

    1. jacky

      Hi Louisa,

      Did you find out the sin content on the extra easy for the lemon cous cous cake? I have been trying to find out myself.



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    1. jen

      sin free lemon curd
      3 heaped desert spoons of sweetner
      grated rind and juice of 1 lemon
      2 large eggs
      2oz vlf fromage frais

      mix your sweetner an rindtogether in glass bowl
      mix mix eggs an lemon juice together
      add to your sweetner an rind
      put glass bowl over water in a pan and heat gently for about 10 mins keep whisking often till starts to thicken
      when thickish add your frais to make it creamier
      you can add yellow colouring if you like ,

      a small tip .. i also exchanged the lemon for orange
      and added a choc options as well as the frais made a nice substitute for choc cake filling

      hope you enjoy jen x

  4. Daisy

    To make it bit more interesting you can add sultanas – also free.
    I love it with a dollop of not syn free lemon curd on top too 😛

  5. sally

    best to add more rather than less sugar to this cake and posh totty i have a chocolate version too but this does have a few sins 🙂

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