My evening walk…..

Quite often on a Sunday especially when Geoff is away, you will find me making a 80 mile round trip to meet a group for a 15 mile or more walk.

I have even been known to do a 100 mile round tripgayton walk

Some people would think this is very excessive but its what keeps me going all week,….the thought of a good walk with company.

Sometimes I over look the fact that I do actually live in a nice village with some lovely walking right from my own door step.

So today we set off from my house and did a 5 mile circular walk, no main road walking just all country lanes and permissive paths.

This distance I am happy to do on my own, so this route will be my evening walk now the evenings are becoming lighter.

I am not saying I will fit it in every night but I hope to do it at least twice a week and have my longer walk on a Sunday too πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “My evening walk…..

  1. Flug Australien

    I can understand you very well. Walking for several hours is a kind of little holiday for me! Just enjoying the nature and getting a free mind means a lot to me! If I do not have time for a walk once a week, I get really moody! It´s already a kind of addiction.

  2. sally

    reluctant blogger… yes i could run it if i wanted but thats the trouble at the moment i just dont want to run πŸ™ but iam sure that will change πŸ™‚

  3. sally

    This walk can actually be cut into 3 walks… a 2 mile ,a 3 mile and a 5 mile… so depending on time i have a good choice, tonight i did the 3 mile route πŸ™‚

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