What kind of happy are you…

Been a while since i did one of these… and the results are so me.

You Are Affectionate

Your life is full of love and friendship – and you always have more to give.
You have an open heart. You are willing to take that leap and put your faith in people.

You see the good in everyone and everything. You are a very sympathetic person.
The people you love make you very happy. You feel warmly toward those around you.

What Kind of Happy Are You?

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6 thoughts on “What kind of happy are you…

  1. J.S-M

    Strange results Sally. I am, according to your quiz an affectionate person. Having answered, within the variables allowed, truthfully, I am surprised. In fact I am a socio-psychopath/bipolar depressive. Hmmmm…interesting, mysbe my shrink has got it wrong.

  2. Ellee

    I’m Engaged, which summed me up perfectly, especially this line: ‘You are constantly curious and never bored. There’s too much to be fascinated with! ‘

  3. Reluctant Blogger

    Oh I love these type of things!

    I came out as peaceful and serene which is very much me at the moment. I rather think I might get a different answer at different times. But it seemed very accurate – I am, as you know, someone who finds it easiest to be happy if I have plenty of time to myself. Whereas you are the opposite.

    Do find some more of these – I love to do them!

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