Another rip off…

As from the end of march the council here will no longer collect garden rubbish in the green bags.

Usually you buy these green bags for 60p each and it takes me a good few months to fill one.image

Now they want me to buy a brown bin for £36, which you might think is a fair swap for the green bag.

Trouble is, the £36 pound is a yearly charge.

I am sure there are many people like me that cannot afford this charge or see why we have to pay extra when we already pay council tax.

To make matters worse they have just moved the re-cycling centre way out of town too.

and yes I know I could get a compost bin..  but why when I have no garden so no use for the compost.

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10 thoughts on “Another rip off…

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  2. sally

    Yes i think its disgusting that anyone has to pay for these bins…maybe a one off payment but not a yearly payment as dont we pay high council tax to get our rubbish collected.

    Reluctant blogger, i can see why people dump there rubbish too…

    Ian, if you knew me you would know i would be the last person to make a fuss

  3. Ian

    get organised,start a pressure group,find out which councillors voted in favour of this and have someone stand against them at the next local elections.
    let them know that there is a price to pay,hound them out of office.
    Stop a few political carreers before they start.
    Lobby them, make a fuss!

  4. Reluctant Blogger

    Yes, we had the brown bin introduced a few months back. I refused to buy one, partly cos of the cost but mostly cos i didn’t want another hideous plastic darlek in my garden – I already have a black one and a bright blue one.

    I have a compost bin and stick my garden waste in there (I am not a big gardener!). But I notice there is an increase in garden waste being dumped in the wood opposite so I am sure that is because others who cannot afford/don’t want a wheelie bin find it easist to dump it there.

    Not good at all. If you want people to recycle you have to make it dead easy for them and no cost.

  5. anne

    I have to pay £30 pounds a year for the brown bin…also put all my cardboard in it. I do have a huge garden, but it is mainly all grass, except for a side bit. and the majority of my huge garden is on the front, which when I have money will be paved over for extra parking.

    We didn’t have to pay when we lived in Daventry and came under Northamptonshire Council..

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