On The Menu Today…

I spent the afternoon cooking …

First I made a nice beef stew for the boys, recipe taken from my OXO cook book…

card 012

Then I made a vegetable and butter bean stew for Geoff, recipe taken from a new book, delicious casseroles

card 011

Finally I roasted two Partridge for dinner, wrapping them in bacon to  keep them moist..

.card 007

The reason I had the partridge, well a friend booked her husband in for a massage and they gave me 4 Partridge and a Pheasant as a  tip.

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7 thoughts on “On The Menu Today…

  1. jmb

    I’m making soup today. Partridges as a tip. How wonderful. We had partridge for Thanksgiving.
    It all looks delicious Sally.

  2. jams O'Donnell

    ps Thanks for the kind comment on my favourite photos posts. if you would like full size version of any of them, send an e-mail via the contact on the Poor Mouth and I will sort them out

  3. sally

    Cherrypie and Lady Banana……… The beef stew just melts in your mouth, the partridge was ok….. But cannot wait to try the veg stew as its looks so nice 🙂

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