Sorry Girls….


But have you no taste…

Mamma Mia was the most cheesy film I have ever seen, it was just awful.

Not a patch on Kill Point which I am just Loving.

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5 thoughts on “Sorry Girls….

  1. Wolfie

    I thought I was saved when my wife said there was no way she was hiring Mama Mia. Sadly she opted for Sex and the City instead.

    So I went to the gym and told her to text me when it was finished.

  2. elaine williams

    i don’t think the film was to be taken so seriously, the whole idea was to have fun, sing-a-long and feel in a great mood afterwards…..which i certainly did

  3. anne

    I never wanted to see it in the first place, it was only because other women were going on about it, that I thought maybe I should, but I knew deep down it was not my sort of film….now I am very pleased I didn’t!

    Hope it was too bad for you 🙁

    But then Kill Point isn’t my type of thing to watch either, I really am not sure what I like to watch.

  4. jmb

    I did not think it was that bad although I have to admit I saw it on a plane so it did while away a few hours. I probably would never have rented it or bought it, perish the thought.

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