Third time lucky….

Last year I had the hard task of looking for new walking boots, I finally settled for a pair of Asolo flame.

I was very pleased with these boots until the stitching began to come apart.

I returned them to field and trek and they exchanged them for another pair.

Unfortunately the second pair have now developed the same 001

I got my first pair in April 2007 and my second pair in February 2008.

As these are not cheap boots I had expected them to be of better quality.

After getting wet feet on my last two walks I decided it was time to try and sort this problem out.

Field and Trek advised me to e-mail Asolo, so this week I did.

I had a quick reply from Asolo, they say as boots are still under warranty I should return them to Field and Trek .

They even go as far as saying if I have any trouble "Field and Trek should contact our returns department in order to resolve this."

Now all this points to great customer service….  so we shall see what happens at the week-end.

This time I want my money back as I don’t want to risk having the same problem with the same boots for a third time.

Then I have the task of finding new walking boots which is never easy….

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5 thoughts on “Third time lucky….

  1. Dragonstar

    Of course it’s up to the shop, particularly as the boots have a warranty. Anyhow, isn’t it up to the shop to sell “goods of a merchantable quality”? I certainly hope you get your money back.

  2. onethoughtfulwoman

    Hope you get your money back and then you can look for another pair of boots. Sounds promising that you will.

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