Winter warmer…

My youngest Son works at Morrisons after college, and gets home late.

He’s always hungry when he gets home but the last thing I want to do at 10pm is cook.

So I have got into the routine of making soup when he is working. n95

Tonight I have made Broccoli and Potato Soup a really nice and quick soup to make.

Ready to eat in about 30 min’s.

You simmer some chopped potatoes in vegetable stock along with some onions and garlic.

Once the potatoes are cooked you add the broccoli and simmer till that’s tender.

Then you blend till smooth.

Do not be put off by the colour as its really delicious  and very low fat too 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Winter warmer…

  1. Caroline

    Great to see recipes making a comeback on your blog – keep them coming, this is the time of year for nourishing goodies such this lovely soup.

  2. Leslie

    That sounds so yummy! There’s nothing better on a cold night than homemade soup to warm up your tummy. I love soups made with fresh broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, or with corn or seafood. So hearty!

  3. CherryPie

    I know how you feel, my life is a bit complicated and cooking has to be late when I really can’t be bothered and have gone past the point of being hungry…

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