The dedicated few…

Today we turned out in the rain to meet up with the Newmarket Ramblers at Stetchworth for a 13 mile walk.

Using my new TomTom made it such an easy drive , so no more worries about not being able to find my way.

3 more people turned up including the leader thank goodness sunday walk

Chris led us on a lovely autumnal walk, the rain not spoiling it at all.

At the half way point we enjoyed a break in the Reindeer pub at Saxon street.

Then the rain cleared up in the afternoon and we returned to stetchworth via Kirtling and Ditton Green.

I returned home with wet feet because once again the stitching on my Asolo Flame boots is coN95 007ming apart.

These boots are only 9 months old and I had to return my last pair with the same fault.

So not sure that I will want to buy these boots again.

My photos today were taken on my new Nokia N95 and  were downloaded to laptop very easy.

Geoff has put the route and his photos up on EveryTrail.

Lastly I cannot let today go by with out mentioning that 2 years ago today  was when I met Geoff….. A meeting that was to change my life and a relationship that I hope lasts forever πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “The dedicated few…

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  2. elaine williams

    It’s amazing how our lives can turn around, I’m so happy for you Sally, enjoy! love Elaine x

  3. Ellee

    Geoff did a great job with the photos, they are amazing. I look forward to our walk tomorrow. And I like your new pics, btw, they are wonderful.

  4. CherryPie

    The walk sounds great πŸ™‚ The boots sound terrible I wouldn’t buy that make again!

    The last comment is very sweet, brought tears to my eyes xx

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  6. Dragonstar

    Sounds like a good walk, but you must be annoyed about the boots!

    Two years – what a great way to spend your anniversary. Long may it continue.

  7. onethoughtfulwoman

    Congratulations on finding this wonderful relationship.
    Glad you enjoyed the walk and sorry to hear about wet feet.
    Lovely photos. I have been trying out the camera on the phone too and was not disappointed.
    Lovely short blog.

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