Testing your knowledge….

I took this photo today with my new Nokia N 95 then posted it straight up to flickr from the phone.

Very cool and so easy to do.

The photo is part of my fish counter after I had set it up this morning.

For a bit of fun I wonder how many of you can name all or some of the fish that are in the photo.


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10 thoughts on “Testing your knowledge….

  1. calumcarr

    Had problem posting comment. May appear twice.

    I’ve missed something. Why were you setting up a fish counter?

    Hope you change clothes and wash hands before giving a massage. πŸ˜‰

  2. anne

    Well at a guess…Cod. mussels, salmon steaks, haddock, skate. trout and tuna. don’t know what the whole fish is though!!!

  3. pandammonium

    back to front, left to right:

    don’t know; mussels; not sure – cod?
    salmon; don’t know; skate wings; rainbow trout
    can’t tell; don’t know; tilapia? tuna

    How’d I do?!

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