My Passport….

When you walk any of the Camino long distance walks in Spain you need a passport.

Its known as The Credencial del Peregrino.

The Credencial del Peregrino,  is a sort of pilgrim passport that is stamped along the way and serves as proof at Santiago that you have indeed followed the pilgrim route and deserve a Compostela.

The Compostela is the certificate awarded at the end of the journey.

The passport  is also required if one intends to stay at any of the refuges along the camino .

Alas mine only has 6 stamps……. so no Compostela for me just yet šŸ™‚

spain 124


spain 125

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7 thoughts on “My Passport….

  1. Leslie

    I am SO impressed! You surely must have a strong constitution to do that much walking in a single day, let alone all together. And Geoff, too! Wow!

  2. athinkingman

    I knew someone once who went off to Spain to get a Compostela. Reading your post reminded me that I never knew what happened to her – whether she got one or not. Perhaps she never came back.

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