Brilliant Sunshine…all the way

We did most of our walking in 30deg sunshine, I never expected it to be that hot and I loved to see the sun in late September/early October.

I did feel the heat on day four which was our longest walking day of 38km, by the time we finished my legs were sore with sunburn 🙁

Although this is a very quiet walk we did meet a few lovely people, there was Andrea from Germany with her Polish boyfriend also Michael and Manuel who shared breakfast with me on my birthday 🙂

Here are a few photos….

spain 024

spain 061

spain 062

spain 103

spain 110

you can find all my photos here

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3 thoughts on “Brilliant Sunshine…all the way

  1. Ellee

    It looks like a desert, no wonder your poor legs got burnt. I have just had a wonderful walk around Flatford Mill and Constable country today, with perfect weather too. Now I have to do my work this evening to catch up for lost times.


    Nice pictures 🙂 It looks like it was a lovely walk. Hasn’t the warm autumn been odd?? I can’t get over how beautiful September was! I still had to water my garden, lol. It’s only now just starting to change here (BC Canada).

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