Time to pack my bags…..

Geoff had a plan…..

We were going to spend a week together in Cambridge before he went off to Seville to do his 1000km walk.

The walk is known as The Via de la Plata/The Camino Mozarabe or The Silver Way and chickis a variant of The Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Its also the longest of the many alternative routes.

Then yesterday the plan changed….

I am now flying out to Seville with him on Sunday and will spend a week walking with him.

Hopefully we shall get as far as Merida then I will leave him to come home and he will carry on with his walk.

Merida is 140 miles from Seville and I am not sure we can expect to get there in 6 days.

The town before that is Zafra and at a distance of 100 miles may be more achievable.

My only concern and its a huge one… is getting back from Merdia or Zafra to Seville airport all on my own..   seeing as I don’t speak any Spanish.boot

So once again Geoff is pushing me out my comfort zone and I wonder if he has any idea how worried I am about this .

When we set off on our walk Emily and Mark will be setting out to walk The Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a distance of 750km.

Their  first ever big walk 🙂

Geoff is hoping to meet up with them when they finish their walk in  Santiago de Compostela but to do this means he has to walk 20 miles every single day which in his words is "unlikely "

A very strange coincidence too that JMB should do a book review this week…  maybe she was being psychic and knew before I did that I would be going off to Spain 🙂