Every time I try to visit Deb Acle

I get this warning on Firefox…


and this on Chrome…


So I have been unable to read her blog or leave any comments πŸ™

Does anyone else have problems visiting her site ???

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10 thoughts on “Why….

  1. Deb Acle

    Hello again

    I’ve been through all Debacle’s links and counters etc and removed one that may have been a problem. I’ve tested in MSIE, Firefox and Opera, with and without AVG Linkscanner. Everything loads OK. Phew!

    Keeping all me widgets crossed, I hope I’ve sorted whatever problem it was.

    Thank you all for noticing!

  2. Deb Acle

    PS I was reading just the same about Chrome, how it infests your system with tracking bots that are very difficult to find and eradicate. Pity, I was looking forward to trying it out hoping that it would be another useful Google product.


  3. Deb Acle

    Hello friends

    Thank you for persisting with visiting the blog.

    This is not a problem with Debacle, as far as I’ve been able to investigate it’s most likely an issue with AVG’s LINKSCANNER.

    If you Google ‘AVG Linkscanner’ you’ll see that there’s been an enormous amount of criticism of this latest add-on to the otherwise great AVG.

    You can turn off Linkscanner with no problems and no threat to your system.

    The site loads fine in MSIE and superfast in Opera. But I’ll check my links again to double check if there’s anything untoward.

    NB, for those who don’t have AVG – it is a very good, free Anti Virus programme by a company called Grisoft.

    Thanks again for being so on the ball!

  4. jmb

    I clicked on the link and went there with no problem and I use Firefox 3. I have no idea what Cherie is talking about. I was just reading today how evil Chrome is so won’t be downloading that anytime soon.

  5. CherryPie

    It loads fine in the latest version of firefox for me but I use Kaspersky not AVG.

    I just got a friend who used AVG to check and the got it to load in most browsers:

    IE6/7 – loads
    Firefox 2/3 – loads
    Flock 2 – loads
    Chrome – he got the same message as you!

    Must be something to do with one of the sites she links to is the verdict…

  6. athinkingman

    Hi, I had no problem in reaching the site in Chrome the first time I tried, but when I tried the second time I got the warning about malware attached to the site.

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