But true….

Went to the cinema last night with friends to see the film Hancock.

Arrived in a rush for the 9.30 showing.

Followed our friends into the the cinema and was amazed to find it almost full.

We found seats right at the front and started to watch the film thinking we had missed all the trailers.images

15 min’s or so into the film I had this strange feeling that the story seemed to be heading towards an ending.

20 min’s later the film ended, we had gone into the 8.30 showing of the film by mistake….  

Ever felt like a fool… I have never laughed so much 🙂

Great ending too , now I just need to see the beginning .

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6 thoughts on “Unbelievable…

  1. Lady Banana

    You should have stayed there to see the start of it… It was silly of them to sell you a ticket at that time!

  2. CherryPie

    How could they sell you a ticket with only a few minutes to go? Our cinemas stop selling tickets 15 minutes after the start of the film…

    & I would have stayed to see the start of the film 😉

  3. anne

    Hope you get to see all of the film…not quite sure how you knew it was a great ending without seeing the beginning..maybe it is just my mind..:-)

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