Sally Twitter’s for 2008-07-03

  • @elleeseymour happy birthday to you have a great day x x #
  • Andrew has his driving test in about an hour i am a bag of nerves 🙁 #
  • In tears as andrew failed his driving test again so thats the end of that till he gets a job :'( #
  • So much to do today and i just want to go home to my bed 🙁 #
  • @annie2000 got my book today and the lovely card 🙂 #
  • @emjo I love going to the gym and have missed it so much this week 🙁 #
  • Looking forward to my long weekend away …going to Bantry in southern Ireland 🙂 #
  • @elleeseymour I would love to come on walk but not sure yet as dont get back from ireland till very late on wed… then work thursday #
  • now baking the boys a cake for while I am away 🙂 #

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2 thoughts on “Sally Twitter’s for 2008-07-03

  1. sally

    Hi Andy… great to hear from you…. and I hear what you are saying and yes its hard to go down that road not just for me but more so for Andrew, because of what happened to his Dad he is scared of having a scooter. but we will get there in the end…. hopefully before i go mad with the stress of it all 🙂

  2. Andy

    Hi Sally,
    Sorry to hear Andrew has failed his test. Similiar situation for me, Joe had about 25 lessons but just won’t knuckle down to learning the theory.
    He does however have a small 50cc scooter that’s a god send in getting him out and independant. I know motorbikes and the like are probably no high in your comfort zone but these small scooters are pretty tame and very economical. We’re off to the job centre again next week but Joe just dosn’t sem to grasp the importance of having a job, still a bit like a boy and wants to play 🙂 but he’s now 18 and needsto seriously think about what he wants to do ……. but maybe I’m just old fashioned ..everyone just seems to say “so long as he’s happy, heathy and enjoying life just leave him be and something wil turn up” ….

    take care

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