Happy Birthday…

To my friend Anne, hoping she has a great day and looking forward to seeing her soon.

Some flowers for her birthday !!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…

  1. Gledwood

    have you seen those stamps you can order specially from the post office? due to silly arcane rules about royalty no living person may appear on a literal British stamp so they’ve done the next best thing and let you send in photos + remittance and get personal imagery printed right up against a real stamp separated only by perforations (ie so your picture is a dummy stamp; the real stamp is next to it and it’s in pairs like 2 stamps… you know what I mean, don’t you sorry my powers of explication feel utterly flummoxed i’m dreadful at describing anything even VAGUELY trigonometrical… dur that’s not the word. what’s the word for things to do with compasses, protractors and that type of stuff and it refers to shapes. dur. see what I mean now..??!?

  2. anne

    Wow what a surprise post…Thanks Sally..yes look forward to seeing you very soon 🙂 x x

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