Meeting up with No Problem….

Today I met up with Geoff in Ely.

We had 2 aims, firstly to get a good walk ,secondly to see if we could catch up with Vic and Sue from "Retirement with No Problem "

Geoff has been following them on their travels for some time now and introduced me to their blog a few weeks ago.

Since then it has become compulsive reading.

As usual Geoff had mapped out a great walk for us.2551930978_9c435279b7

The walk took us through Little Downham, where they have a Community Orchard.

It was planted up in December 2007 by local people in memory of the orchards that once graced Little Downham.

In total they have 16 varieties of apple trees, all of which are thought to have originated from Cambridgeshire.

On our return to Ely we walked along the canal path and much to our delight, found No Problem moored up along the river side.

Vic gave us a very welcome cup of tea while we waited for Sue to return from some errands.2551130939_6e200ccca4

I was amazed at how long their canal boat is ( 67 foot ) and how cosy and comfortable it looked.

Vic says you have to think of it as living in a corridor…. 🙂

They are a lovely friendly couple, the kind of people you feel right at home with.

Their life style sounds great, no plans just get up and go, where you fancy ,when you fancy and as I love the outdoor life it sounded like heaven to me.

We finished the day with Fish and chips by the river then a 2 mile walk back to the car in the evening sunshine.

A total of 15 miles walked, more photos can be seen here.

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  1. anne

    Great photos…I always thought that it would be a great idea to live on a boat, but in claustophobic, but great if you can do, like you say get up and go!!!

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