A Stroke of luck…

They say marriage, divorce, death and moving house are the most stressful things in life.

Having had to deal with all these things I know what stress is like But I think having a son out of work and one just about to leave school is just as stressful as all the above.

The son just leaving school has no idea what he wants to do.

Last night we went to the college open evening where I think we had the best stroke of luck we have had for many many months.

We stumbled onto the construction courses and brick laying took his eye, before I knew it we were getting a tour of the work shop .

The instructor, Ken, took too Matthew straight away,especially as we live in Gayton as that is where he is from, born and bred here in fact.

Only 2 places left on the course but Matthew has already been penciled in for one of those places..because he is a Gayton Boy.

The son out of work got very excited when he applied for a job at B&Q, you had to apply on line and it included a personality profile.

Today he received a letter that said "sorry your individual profile does not show a close enough match to the required staff profile"

Needless to say he was very upset and what a load of rubbish is all I can say πŸ™

So the search goes on………

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4 thoughts on “A Stroke of luck…

  1. Leslie

    Matthew would be very lucky to get into that course and complete it. He’d be set for life because there is always construction going on as well as smaller jobs for bricklayers. Best of luck to him!

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